South Africa



Discover the Rainbow Nation

Peerless wildlife, brilliant beaches and scenery as spectacular as you’ll find anywhere in the world.

The beaches of the Indian Ocean on one side, deserts stretching towards the Atlantic on the other.

A land of contrasts, the southernmost part of Africa offers a travel experience which is one of a kind, where nature reigns with breath-taking landscapes, from volcanoes to giant reefs of smooth, dark granite rock and soft skies and lagoons suspended in time. This is the background to life in this great and multifaceted continent.

A journey on an MSC cruise will take you on a discovery of locations deep in wild and luxuriant natural settings. After the cruise, you will be overcome on your return home by a subtle nostalgia and a desire to return to those lands.

This feeling is known as mal d’Afrique, and there is good reason for it. Discover places such as Cape Town in South Africa, Maputo in Mozambique, Fort Dauphin in Madagascar and Lüderitz in Namibia.

Africa has never been so close!